YouTube to Release Kids’ App Curated by Humans


YouTube is reportedly planning to release YouTube Kids app to avoid suggesting conspiracy theories and other questionable content to children

According to a report from BuzzFeed, YouTube plans to release a non-algorithmic, whitelisted version of YouTube Kids app in the near future to avoid unintentionally suggesting questionable or graphic content to children. The updated version of the app will restrict access of kids to videos from hand-selected channels that a team of human curators at YouTube will approve.

In March 2018, a report from Business Insider illustrated how YouTube Kids app was suggesting children watch videos filled with misinformation and conspiracy theories about the shape of the Earth, the Moon landing, and whether aliens exist. However, the company has not disclosed the decision officially, it comes longstanding concerns over YouTube’s suggestion algorithm inherently steers viewers toward increasingly extremist content.

Moreover, YouTube has struggled to deal with the people behind the channels that peddle questionable content, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who had his channel stripped of ads, and influencer Logan Paul, who remains on a 90-day suspension for running afoul of YouTube’s policies. The company is constantly taking efforts to remove contact specifically on child exploitation by removing advertising from millions of videos, imposing age restrictions on flagged content, and increasing the number of human moderators that scan platform.


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