World’s Third Hyperloop is under Construction


California-based company released images and videos depicting that it has started construction of the world’s first full-scale, passenger-ready hyperloop, on April 15, 2018.

HyperloopTT is building a kilometer-long test track near its R&D center in France. The track will be built in two phases, one that will be completed by 2018, and the other by 2019. The first phase is closed 320-meter system, and the second one will be 1 kilometer long full-scale system, elevated by pylons at a height of 5.8 meters. Currently, a full-scale passenger capsule is under construction at the company’s facility in Spain.

This would be the world’s third hyperloop test track, and the first to be constructed in Europe.

HyperloopTT plans to have its cargo run at the speed of 760 mph. this will be faster than the other already tested ones, with Virgin Hyperloop One and SpaceX’s Hyperloop of 240 mph and 200 mph, respectively.

HyperloopTT more of an elaborate crowdfunding campaign, and among over 800 volunteers and crowdsourced venture, it includes talent from NASA, Boeing, Tesla, and SpaceX working among its 800-plus volunteers. HyperloopTT showed a delay in testing at California, due failure by the end of the company in completion of the state’s environmental review process.


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