Vegan-Friendly Lab-Made Milk to Enter Food Service Industry


Tech startup named Perfect Day is the first company that produce animal-free dairy at commercial scale

Perfect Day, a San Franciso-based startup is a global leader in the development of animal-free dairy products. The company is focused on making animal-free dairy using protein casein and whey that are found in cow’s milk.  The process does not include any animal in whole production process. The dairy products are manufactured using microflora fermentation process. Recently company announced a joint development agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Company to develop and commercialize vegan and animal-free dairy proteins. The joint venture aims to scale up the production of dairy proteins.

“This partnership brings Perfect Day substantially closer to introducing a new category of ingredients to the food industry, and participation by an established market leader highlights its strong prospects for creating a sustainable supply of protein,” said a spokesperson of the company. “ADM has been a leader in plant proteins for decades,” Victoria de la Huerga, Vice President, ADM Ventures added in a statement. “We are excited to work with Perfect Day to launch a complementary source of dairy protein that could lead to a myriad of opportunities for food innovators and consumers.”

“We are on a journey to bring sustainable, nutritious and delicious dairy to everyone,” Ryan Pandya, Cofounder and CEO of Perfect Day, said. “We are thrilled to partner with ADM, a global leader in fermentation, to accelerate our path to market. With this partnership, we will enable brands to make your favorite foods in a kinder, greener way.”


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