Tesla Lowers Solar Power Systems Prices to Attract Customers


Pocket friendly prices of solar systems offered by Tesla are expected to gain traction among average customer

Automobile leader Tesla deployed 93 megawatts of solar energy generation systems in the third quarter of 2018. The company reduced prices of its solar power systems to make sustainable energy use more affordable. Pricing change will help customer to save between US$ 3,000 and US$ 4,000, according to the spokesperson for Tesla. According to the Tesla’s senior vice president of energy operations, the price reductions are projected to make the firm highly competitive in sustainable energy sector. The company aims to become the lowest-cost solar provider in the U.S.

“As a result of the vertical integration of our solar products into Tesla’s retail stores and the increased efficiencies we’ve realized over the past year by closing more expensive sales channels like door-to-door sales, we are now able to reduce prices for our solar power systems,” said a Tesla spokesperson in statement on November 16, 2018.”This change, along with our push to continue shortening the time between sale to installation, will accelerate the adoption of solar and the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” he added.

In October 2018, Tesla battery system was set to be paired with large-scale renewables in Australia, with Infigen Energy revealing plans to add a 25MW/52MWh energy storage system at its Lake Bonney wind farm in South Australia. Construction of the US$ 38 million system is expected to begin in near future, backed by funding from the SA government ($5 million) and ARENA ($5 million). The Powerpack battery energy storage system (BESS) will be located adjacent to the 278.5MW Lake Bonney wind farm and connected to the grid via the existing Mayurra substation owned by ElectraNet.


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