Sweden Modified Road to Recharge Electric Vehicles


Sweden modified road so that people can recharge their electric vehicle while driving, according to a report published on April 13, 2018.

People in Sweden can charge their electric vehicle on roads while driving. However, this is possible only up to a distance of 2km, which is the length of a road outside Stockholm that’s been embedded with electrified rail. Vehicles need to drop a movable arm on the rail to recharge. The arm is automatically disconnected when the vehicle moves away from the rail. Electricity will be only available for vehicles that are in motion. The amount of energy consumed by the vehicle is calculated by the system and sent to the vehicle and user.

When compared to the overhead wire system that Sweden had experimented two years ago, installation of rail-and-arm on the roads is easier. However, government has planned to install rails in 20,000km rather than electrifying 500,000km of road. Hans Säll, eRoadArlanda CEO said, “If we electrify 20,000km of highways that will definitely be enough. The distance between two highways is never more than 45km and electric cars can already travel that distance without needing to be recharged. Some believe it would be enough to electrify 5,000km.”

The cost of this electrified rail system is expected to be €1m per kilometer, which would make it 50 times cheaper than building an urban tram line. However, such roads will encourage automakers to manufacture electric vehicles with small batteries if they end up counting on these strips to recharge electric cars mid-drive.


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