Super Mario Converted into Free Browser Game


Jelly Mario, a free browser game has been developed by Stefan Hedman, on April 9, 2018.

Super Mario has been known for its tight controls, allowing users to manage everything Mario is doing. However, the newly launched Jelly Mario, which is a free browser game, is not as precise as the original one.

In Jelly Mario, the entire physics of the original one is tweaked. The first two levels of Super Mario game has been retained, however, Mario floats around like a confused jellyfish. The arrow keys are used to control, however they seem more like suggestions than actual controls, as it is extremely difficult for anyone to get Mario to do anything.

The entire world in the game is built around the same jelly effect. So for instance, when Mario jumps into a green pipe, the pipe will bend and twist in bizarre ways. When a goomba walks into Mario, he will be shot backward with explosive force. In stage 1-2, the game gets even stranger, as bricks break apart into dozens of tiny pieces. The music is similarly unnerving, while it is familiar, the tunes and sound effects bend and contort depending on how Mario move on-screen.

Although Super Mario games were strange, Jelly Mario depicts a more exaggerated level of strangeness.


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