Suicide Machine Controlled by the Blink of an Eye has Been Developed


Suicide machine that can be controlled by the blink of an eye has been developed by Dr. Philip Nitschke, according to a report published on April 18, 2018.

The creation of this suicide machine has led to a debate between the opponents of euthanasia and Dr. Philip Nitschke. Machines that could be used by people to inject themselves wSuicide Machine Controlled by the Blink of an Eye has Been ith lethal doses of barbiturates has been developed by him previously and now, this suicide machine uses nitrogen gas to cause death.

Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome was in search of assisted suicide options and that is when his lawyer reached out to Dr. Nitschke. This is the reason that led to the development of suicide machine. According to Dr. Nitschke, this device is intended to offer people the option of peacefully ending their life without assistance. The machine starts working when a capsule of nitrogen is filled in it, which induces hypoxic death to the occupant. Once the hypoxiation process is completed, the biodegradable capsule can be detached from the machine’s base in order to serve as the deceased person’s coffin.

Jeroen Kramer, President of the Westerkerk church board said, “We will not and cannot support any suggestion of using such equipment. Westerkerk will never support people by offering equipment as promoted by Dr. Nitschke and we seriously wonder whether this contributes to a thorough and careful discussion around this issue.” The assisted suicide methods that are available at present tend to involve pushing a switch or pressing a plunger, however, such activities are impossible for people seeking assisted suicide methods due to physical incapacity.


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