Study Claims Déjà vu is Simply a Feeling


Researchers reveals insights into the feeling of déjà vu, according to a new study published on March 1, 2018.

Cognitive psychologists at Colorado State University, spent years establishing déjà vu as a memory phenomenon. Other studies reveal that this is just a feeling that something has occurred in the past and is not real.

The team, however, revealed how they recreated déjà vu in human subjects to examine the feeling of premonition during that state. Participants were able to tell the future, only as much as they were able to blindly guess the same. However, during déjà vu, they felt like they could mirror real life.

Déjà vu has a supernatural reputation of recalling the past life, according to some. However, scientists, tend to look at this phenomenon more logically.

Déjà vu can occur when someone encounters a scenario similar to an actual memory, however, they fail to recall that memory.

“We cannot consciously remember the prior scene, but our brains recognize the similarity. That information comes through as the unsettling feeling that we’ve been there before, but we can’t pin down when or why.” Said Cleary, lead author of the study.

The team concluded that, déjà vu does not help predict the future, however, it can manifest as a feeling that we can.


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