Scientists Developed New Blood Test to Screen for Secondary Heart Attack


Scientists developed new blood test to screen for secondary heart attack, according to a study published on September 7, 2018.

This study was conducted by the scientists at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. The research team identified plasma lipid biomarkers (fats in the blood) that improve upon traditional risk factors in predicting heart disease and stroke.

This test was developed after analyzing 10,000 samples to find the bio markers that will determine whether a person is at risk of having another heart attack. Although a prototype of this test has been trailed in America, only GPs and patients are provided with limited information regarding 2 lipid markers. The test will be a simple blood test, similar to the process and cost of having a cholesterol test, and could be operated out of hospital pathology laboratories that already contain the necessary equipment.

Professor Peter Meikle, Baker Institute’s head of metabolomics, said, “Our test will use up to ten lipid markers to better diagnose heart disease. It’s a challenging, yet very exciting time. We effectively have the information and are in the process of refining the technology.” Once the protocols for a diagnostic heart disease blood test are in place, the test could be used in predicting diabetes and potentially Alzheimer’s disease as well. Moreover, it will help in identifying people who are at higher risk of the above mentioned diseases and will help in guiding physicians to give appropriate treatment to the patients.


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