Packaging Automation Developed Biodegradable Thermal Resistant Tray


Packaging Automation and Evesham Specialist Packaging (ESP) developed a heat sealable plastic alternative pulp board tray

Packaging Automation Ltd is a leading UK-based manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling and sealing machinery. The company offers wide range of applications in the food industry including fresh produce packing. Recently the company revealed the new packaging, which is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. After launch of the UK Plastics Pact, retailers and manufacturers are focused on used of single use and non-recyclable plastics to meet high demand for green consumer and to address the impact of plastic waste on the environment. The company said that “by packaging more products in recyclable plastic and non-plastic trays we can prevent tones of plastic ending up as waste.”

Its tray sealing machines are compatible with a variety of recycled plastic, recyclable and compostable materials. Examples of the pack formats that are successfully being sealed include soft fruit punnets made out of RPET, a recycled plastic; biodegradable plant based plastics such as PLA which is a material made from renewable resources scorn starch or sugar cane; lined and unlined cardboard packs; pressed board trays which are widely recyclable (and provide a 90% reduction in plastic when compared to a tray made entirely out of plastic); and aluminum foil trays containing straight to oven products such as ready meals or mixed prepared vegetables.

Packaging Automation and ESP’s heat sealable pulp board pack is used by many UK grocery retail outlets containing products strawberries, mushrooms, grapes and gooseberries. “At Packaging Automation we work closely with all packaging suppliers and are here to help our customers face the challenge of developing eco-friendly packaging for their products. This includes free use of our packaging trial, test and development facility, and advice on choosing the most appropriate packaging materials including trays and film,” said the company in a statement.


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