Novel Water-Resistant Electronic Patch Monitors Anxiety


The wearable patch named Vital Scout can be worn on the skin over the heart to consistently monitor stress level

Majority of the population suffer from stress and depression due to various reasons. It is challenging to diagnose actual reason for the same. Recently VivaLNK’s launched new device called Vital Scout that assist user to analyze stress level. Vital Scout is the water-resistant electronic patch that is adhered to the user’s skin, worn under their clothing and over top of their heart for a minimum of 48 hours. One charge of the battery is reportedly good for 72 hours of use. The device is integrated with electrocardiography (ECG) sensors, which continuously monitors users’ heart rate variability.

Furthermore, the device tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, the amount of time spent being physically active, and the amount and quality of sleep. The data collected by device is transmitted by Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app on smartphone, which provides user with a graph representing fluctuations in stress levels over the past hours, days or weeks. The device aims to track user activities during particularly high- or low-stress times. Moreover, the app alerts user in real-time, when particularly high stress is experienced.

The Vital Scout is priced at US$ 149 for one device with eight adhesive strips. Additional strips can be purchased in packs of four for US$ 5.99. Although there are already several wrist-worn stress-tracking devices avaible in market, VivaLNK claims that the optical photoplethysmography sensors which they commonly utilize aren’t as accurate as ECGs. The more comparable Lief patch does use ECGs, although it’s a bit larger than the Vital Scout and is designed more as a biofeedback device.


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