New ReTyre Modular System offers Interchangeable Tire Skin


New reTyre system is developed with zip-on tire skins which are installed over the base tire

ReTyre, Norway-based Start-up Company developed new system of changing tires. New zippable tire tread design claims to enable a bike that can go from road racer to off-road king in seconds. The customized system allows user to simply zip-off and zip-on different tire treads according to the requirement of different landscape. According to the company, the system will be available in selected European stores from July 2018, with a roll-out to the rest of Europe and North America planned for 2019.

ReTyre aims to reduce the high consumption and ensuing waste that is involved in the global tire market due to its adverse effects on environment. Around one billion tires are dumped in the garbage annually across the world. The adaptability of differing zippable trends is the next significant intent of the reTyre system as it would allow a quick and easy way of switching a leisure bike from road-going guise into off-road going guise. The company is working on development of tubeless design, which will be presented in near future. However, there are certain limitations for off-road usage such as it is unknown that how well zips would withstand standard off-road abuse and cornering and braking forces.

Furthermore, the company is also planning to introduce skins with embedded LEDs and electronics that communicate with the rider’s smartphone, along with models made from special materials such as coconut fibers and 100% recyclable rubber. The tires and skins are presently being made to fit 700c/29-inch rims, although 26-inch versions are also planned. Retail prices should range from US$ 36 for the standard version of the base tire to US$ 70 for the premium, with the skins selling for US$ 55 (all-terrain) and US$ 70 (winter studded).


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