New Report Reveals Risk of Developing Diseases by Swimming Pool Water


Water Quality and Health Council in Washington DC reported that Clear pool waters may contain disease causing parasites.

Urine combined with chlorine in pool waters creates other chemicals. This results in less amount of chlorine, which acts as a disinfectant and kills bacteria and parasites. Parasites have no effect of recreation of water in pools even after the water is treated with chemicals. So there is a greater risk of these parasites spreading diseases. The report was published by Water Quality and Health Council after taking into account the swimming habits of around 3,000 adults. They were asked whether they have urinated in pools along with several other questions. Around 30% of the adults said they had urinated in pools.

A parasite called cryptosporidium was mainly involved in these diseases. This parasite can survive for a week in chlorinated water. A mouthful of water with this parasite sickens adults for weeks with diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Another parasite Pseudomonas causes ear rashes. Legionella on the other hand is fatal and has resulted in 6 death cases in 15 years. The other reason for infection of pool water with parasites is skipping bathing before swimming in the pool. Half of the adults in the survey accepted entering a pool without bathing.

Published in the Daily Mail on February 5, 2016, the report advised to inspect the pools before swimming. This can be done by pool test strips that can be bought locally. Inspections reports by State health care department available online can also prove helpful. The pool water should not be swallowed and children should be taken for an hourly bath break. Adults suffering from lung diseases have high risk of infection with Legionella and should avoid hot tub jets.


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