New Cell Analyzer Launched


Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) announced launch of its new cell analyzer product called BD FACSymphony, on April 2018.

BD, a leading global medical technology company, announced the launch of BD FACSymphony S6 cell sorter, which is a cell analyzer that has the ability to sort cell populations to better understand cell phenotypes for immunology and multi-omics research.

The BD FACSymphony S6 instrument offers a six-way sorting method and supports analysis of up to 30 parameters. It comprises an accessible architecture that could be upgradable to enable greater parameter analysis in the future. This advanced platform features an ultra-quiet electronics system adapted from the defense industry that improves detection sensitivity to enable the sorting of rare cell types.

John Ledek, worldwide president of Biosciences for BD said “The new BD FACSymphony S6 system is the newest advance in our 40 year history of leadership and innovation in flow cytometry and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping researchers better understand and characterize the single cell. The additional technological capabilities this system brings our customers, coupled with our unmatched global support and application services teams, will help facilitate the discovery of new biological insights, enabling researchers to push the envelope of scientific inquiry.”

The company’s diverse portfolio of instruments, reagents, and services aims at providing the most affordable and convenient solution for immunologists and other researchers adopting flow cytometry to complement adjacent technologies and workflows. The advanced BD FACSymphony S6 cell sorter, depicts an enhanced view of the company’s commitment to democratizing flow cytometry across the spectrum of research applications.


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