Ford Integrates Waze into Its Sync 3 Applink For iOS Users


Ford is integrating Waze traffic and navigation app into Sync 3 AppLink platform for iOS users, according to a report published on February 26, 2018.

Through the in-car display system, the app can be used for navigation with touch and voice commands. This will be made available to the users by April. Using AppLink services, apps can be accessed on the car dashboards in the same way they would use it in their phones. Apart from the voice commands, additional features also will be available to the users.

Don Butler, executive director said, “We know that people enjoy a range of navigation apps to help them reach their destination safely and more efficiently and have worked closely with partners to make this happen.” This development was initially announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Since last year, Waze has been made available for Android by Ford. Many other apps are being integrated into AppLink these days.

This development will make the Sync 3 service of Ford more attractive to the car buyers. Sync 3 and AppLink already has many navigation services available, however, with the use of Waze, there is no services available in the market. According to Google, more users for Waze will lead to the better performance of the app.

Jens Baron, product lead said, “Waze is more than just red lines on the map. It reflects a huge community of drivers on the go, outsmarting traffic together all around the world.” This development will benefit the smart transportation market, as detailed in the smart transportation market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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