Facebook Introduced Lip Syncing Functionality for Live Video


Users will be able to include music within personal videos and choose from a variety of songs for a new feature called Lip Sync Live

Social networking major Facebook announced addition of lip sync feature for live videos on March 9, 2018. The feature is inspired from app Musical.ly or Dubsmash, which is based on live Lip Sync. The company is testing out options to let people include music from these catalogs (which includes millions of titles) within their personal videos. Although company plans to roll out this feature on a global level, no exact time is disclosed for the same.

Facebook is testing this in select markets for now, and the pool of songs available is in the hundreds, including popular titles like ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello and ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake. Lip Sync Live also has a ‘With’ option, so friends can be brought into the video, and camera effects can be used to add different backgrounds and other creative touches. Feature will appear as option at the start of live video. User can select a song from the list, and add a description and further customizations. When broadcasting, friends will see what artist and song you’re lip-syncing to and they can tap to follow the artist on Facebook. Furthermore, the company said that it is working on more advanced features such as addition of music to Facebook Stories.

However, the feature doesn’t exactly work like Musical.ly. The app was launched in 2014, and is all about dancing, acting, and lip syncing along to music and dialogues from popular artists, movies, and TV shows. Facebook’s move is part of a larger mission to allow users to incorporate copyrighted music into the content they share on the social network.


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