Facebook Acquired Bloomsbury AI to Improve Natural Language Processing


An acquisition aims to strengthen Facebook’s efforts in natural language processing research and help the company to further understand natural language and its applications

Facebook, social networking giant announced acquisition with Bloomsbury AI, London-based artificial intelligence firm on July 2, 2018, which is engaged in in natural language processing. Facebook is leading the AI technology with positions at the company’s Facebook AI Research, or FAIR, organization commanding large salaries and projects that span the more cutting-edge sectors of deep learning, natural language processing, and other popular sub-fields.

For Facebook, the grand goal is to have AI that is so adept at understanding images, videos, and text that it can effectively moderate the entire social network’s platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and its many other properties. The company is focused on shifting work load to algorithms, which requires a software to better understand language, the intent beyond that language, and other challenges involved in advanced AI.

Facebook has FAIR unit at its London offices, and the announcement post says that Bloomsbury’s work has thus far focused on “machine reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language in order to answer any question.” Furthermore, Facebook is also working on an AI-assisted home speaker with a display, in the vein of the Echo Show, codenamed Portal, and its possible Bloomsbury’s team is expected to work on that product to help improve its ability to understand spoken commands and responds to the answers with natural-sounding speech.


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