Coca-Cola to Consider Producing Cannabis-Infused Range of Beverages


Coca-Cola with Canadian marijuana producer aim to produce cannabis-infused beverages to ease chronic pain such as inflammation, pain, and cramps

Coca-Cola, world leader in beverage sector in collaboration with Aurora Cannabis, Canadian marijuana producer intends to produce new beverage range infused with cannabis to treat pain. Canada prepares to legalize cannabis for recreational use, after several years of permitting it for medicinal purposes. Coca-Cola reported that the company is looking forward to develop new drinks infused with cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis plants which alleviates pain.

Coca-Cola insisted “no decisions have been made at this time” and said it would not comment on further speculation. It did not confirm or deny the link with Aurora Cannabis, which was first reported by Canadian broadcaster BNN Bloomberg. In recent past, Coca-Cola announced buying the Costa Coffee chain that underlined the growing appeal of the global coffee market. According to research studies conducted by various organizations, cannabis are found to be capable of relieving conditions including arthritis and diabetes. Furthermore, low-concentration of CBD oil is found to be beneficial for promoting sleep, boosting appetite and reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

In Los Angeles, CBD is being added to cocktails and an upmarket juice bar adds a few drops of CBD-infused olive oil to a beverage for US$ 3.50, which makes Canada major market for a new commercially produced drinks, after legalization of recreational cannabis use. However, it is unclear whether Coca-Cola’s plans will eventually extend to the UK. Some forms of cannabis oil are already available to buy for medical purposes in British pharmacies.


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