Climate Change Might Lead to Volcanic Eruptions


Climate change might trigger volcanic eruptions worldwide, according to a report published on April 11, 2018.

Apart from the disastrous impacts caused by climate change on sea levels and weather, it can lead to volcanic eruptions across the world. It is believed that volcanic eruptions affect the climate by spreading smoke and ash into the atmosphere, however, scientists still believe that it is the opposite. Volcanic eruptions can be suppressed by glaciers, as it will provide structural stability to the mountains. Warm climate leads to melting of ice from the mountains, which removes support from their slopes. This further leads to landslides and collapse.

Gioachino Roberti, a PhD student at the University of Clermont Auvergne said, “If your mountain is a volcano you have another problem. Volcanoes are a pressurized system and if you remove pressure by ice melting and landslide, you have a problem.” Canada has many potentially active volcanoes. The scientists conducted a detailed study on Mount Meager, a glaciated volcano north of Vancouver.

An eruption on Mount Meager had happened over 2000 years ago, however, Roberti focused on Mount Meager due to the natural disaster that took place recently. To study the link between melting ice on the glacier and changes to the magma “plumbing system” inside it, numerical modelling of the volcano was used by the scientists. The potential of landslides to destabilize the magma chamber and trigger eruption was found by the scientists.

Due to climate change, landslides are expected to increase and will be more common in the future. A research by Mr. Schlögl has explained the impacts of such landslides on Europe’s transport network. The results obtained by the researchers in this study suggests that changes in geological phenomena and weather events are due to the climate change.


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