Apple Announced New Augmented Reality Features for iOS 12


Apple announced new sharing, ARKit 2, shortcut, and AI features at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 4, 2018

Technology and electronics major Apple revealed new feature for its next mobile operating system, iOS 12.  The company is reported to be developing new format file called USDZ to support AR visuals. Furthermore, the company showcased a measuring app that makes use of AR technology to map the dimensions of real-life objects, without the need for a measuring tape. It also updated ARKit platform for improved face tracking, 3D object detection, and multi-user AR. These features are expected to allow users to play a game with multiple participants and interact with the same environment.

Moreover, the Measure app is one of the new iOS 12 additions revolving around AR for iOS 12, which will allow users to measure 3D objects in the real world by tapping an object to measure them in 3D. Updates regarding photo apps includes access to share suggestions for people detected in the shot. Also, addition of new shortcuts app includes home screen shortcuts for Siri’s actions or suggestions for things user wants to do on daily basis such as ordering coffee via the Starbucks app.

As a part of Stocks app, stock-related news and updates will be more visible. The CarPlay app will be improved with third-party maps support, including Google Maps and Waze. Furthermore, the company is focused on healthcare segment by providing digital health facilities with the app, which allows user to limit usage and screen time by giving configurability to Do Not Disturb and family monitoring for parents concerned regarding children’s device usage. Another feature is FaceTime, which will be supporting up to 32 people. It will also be integrated into the Messages app, with support for sticker packs, Animoji, and Screen Time.



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