Airbus to Launch Passenger Module inside Cargo


Airbus announced its plans to develop a lower-deck passenger module that sits inside a cargo, on April 6, 2018.

The European plane-maker told the press that it is partnering with Zodiac Aerospace to build compartments, complete with sleeping berths for passengers. The company is awaiting formal approval from aviation bodies by 2020 with the first installation to be made on an A330 aircraft.

“This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort. We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups.” said the company’s head.

Airbus said that its passenger modules will be easily interchangeable with regular cargo containers, if airlines wish to change configuration during a layover or turnaround.

The company also said the aircraft’s cargo floor loading system would not be affected as the passenger module will be designed to sit directly on top of it.


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